Oiled Wildlife Assessment Service

The service entails four experts (the “Assessment Team”) performing key assessment functions in the early days of a spill. Their role is to provide recommendations as to how to best deliver a wildlife response.

Assessment Team (or Oiled Wildlife Assessment Team)

A contracted, on-site team of four experts deployed by GOWRS Ltd to evaluate and provide recommendations to the IMT/Client on the feasibility and appropriate scale of wildlife response needed in a specific incident. The Assessment Team will not make decisions regarding oiled wildlife response, nor will they participate in an Operational Response, unless they are requested and contracted by the client to supervise the transition from an assessment phase to an operational phase.

The team includes:

Support for this team is provided by the GOWRS coordinator and a Strategic Team, composed of individuals from the GOWRS network organisations, who can assess the information from the Assessment Team and provide more advice and expertise if required.